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Terms and Conditions


1-    The English and Portuguese editions EL SER UNO are in PDF format.

2-    The books can be read on any browser.

3-  You will not be able to share your name or password with other people, because the purchase is personal. If it does, the program will detect it and block it.

4-   If you buy a book for another person, you may use your debit or credit card but will have to register the name and code of this person.

5-   The program will not allow reading a book on more than one browser at a time using the same name and code. To read the book on a different browser you first have to logout from the browser you are using.

6-    The books have been designed for direct reading from the website.

7-    With your buy and register you are now a member of  the website EL SER UNO – EBOOKS.

8-    As a member you will have a site showing the books you bought.

9-    To read them just enter your name and code.

¡¡WELCOME to EL SER UNO and happy Reading!!